A Heavy Load

In less than a week, the Sickness will spread.

Actually, I’m just moving to a new apartment… But geographically, my books will be in more places! As much as I love my books, I have to admit, packing up boxes upon boxes of books and textbooks and cookbooks and video game guides and… (well, you get the idea)… Really calls my dedication, love, and muscles, into question.

In times like these, I’m forced to value the convenience of digital books. Though, my poor Kindle has been power-drained and sitting on a table… But it holds a good number of titles that could probably get me through the next few months easily.

Once I nestle into the comfort of my new home I anticipate a surge of organization and a renewed sense of vigor for reading. That also may be the result of the beginning of my summer break from graduate school — I’m not taking a class this summer! — so I can read anything I want! Pleasure reading again!

This move also means I can take inventory of everything that I have and republish my book list, which, admittedly, has gotten a bit out of hand… So stay tuned!


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