The Worst Librarian

No, this entry is not about a negative customer experience in a library. This entry is about how my metaphorical library card should be revoked. Why?

I have never owned a library card. 

Yes, though I’m in graduate school for library science, I have never borrowed books from a library — outside of school that is.

Through the early years at school, we were never given a card, number, or any kind of way to identify us other than our name. At university, my student I.D. was used in substitution.

So, as you can guess, I’ve never checked out a book from a public library. I know. Blasphemy. My librarian peers are pulling their hair out.

I suppose my love of books, or rather, purchasing books, has been the main reason for the delay. Okay, let’s be real: excuse, not reason. 

When I first got into my new (used) car, I found a gold card… a library card belonging to a boy named Noah. I say boy because there were little-kid stickers on it. A cartoon elephant, actually. I saved the card and I’m not sure why. Maybe because I never had one of my own… maybe because it belonged to a child and I held on for safe-keeping… maybe it was the part of me that always wanted to be a librarian. Whatever the reason, it has held some significance in my life.

In an effort to further subdue my Sickness, I think it’s time to get a library card– a real one. Then my peers can let their hair grow back in, and I can be welcomed in to my academic circle as a REAL card-carrying member.


Like Butter

Ever feel like you’ve been spread too thin? Sort of like your mind is involved with so many things, your mind is constantly darting back and forth? That’s me!

I’m in the middle of several books at the moment, including Carrie, three graphic novels, and as of last night, Codename Verity by Elizabeth Wein. (With my impending YA Lit class this fall,and some peer encouragement, I’m getting into the swing of things by joining a YA book club.) 

Have I ever mentioned I have the same problem with video games? I’ve got well over a few dozen games across multiple systems, and my desire to play them is just as strong as wanting to read. I end up bouncing from one to another, and while I’m usually able to keep the stories straight, I feel like I never dedicate the appropriate amount of attention to any of them.

I say “appropriate” rather than “deserved,” because I’ll be damned if books and games start making me feel guilty!

As for unpacking and reformulating my library, there’s no rhyme or reason! They’re all over the place. Once things are in a more organized state, I’ll update with new photos.