The Worst Librarian

No, this entry is not about a negative customer experience in a library. This entry is about how my metaphorical library card should be revoked. Why?

I have never owned a library card. 

Yes, though I’m in graduate school for library science, I have never borrowed books from a library — outside of school that is.

Through the early years at school, we were never given a card, number, or any kind of way to identify us other than our name. At university, my student I.D. was used in substitution.

So, as you can guess, I’ve never checked out a book from a public library. I know. Blasphemy. My librarian peers are pulling their hair out.

I suppose my love of books, or rather, purchasing books, has been the main reason for the delay. Okay, let’s be real: excuse, not reason. 

When I first got into my new (used) car, I found a gold card… a library card belonging to a boy named Noah. I say boy because there were little-kid stickers on it. A cartoon elephant, actually. I saved the card and I’m not sure why. Maybe because I never had one of my own… maybe because it belonged to a child and I held on for safe-keeping… maybe it was the part of me that always wanted to be a librarian. Whatever the reason, it has held some significance in my life.

In an effort to further subdue my Sickness, I think it’s time to get a library card– a real one. Then my peers can let their hair grow back in, and I can be welcomed in to my academic circle as a REAL card-carrying member.


One thought on “The Worst Librarian

  1. I am HAPPY to hear you will be getting your very own LIBRARY CARD!! I never realized you did not have one. I suppose I always made the assumption the Public Library was one of the first places you would have gone when living over there! 😛 I want a PHOTO of you with your card! xoxo

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