The Abstinence Challenge

Taking two classes this semester has made it downright impossible to read anything for pleasure! Never, never, never again! Since I’ve been forced to put my reading on hold, I’ve decided to take some drastic measures this holiday season. I will not ask single book this year. Not for Christmas. Not for my birthday. The same applies to video games.

Oof… this is a tough one. I typically receive books or gift cards to book stores… it’s a pretty standard go-to gift idea for me. But all you readers know that I have far too many, and the whole point of this blog is to read the books I have before buying any more ones. I’m trying to turn this stagnant period into more of a proactive lull of abstinence.

Gosh, now I’ll have to really think out of the box this year…What an interesting holiday season this shall be!


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