Into the Fold

Sometime after graduation I realized I became the beneficiary of a small, but substantial collection of LGBT literature from a student organization that I ran. For years the stack had been kept in a box, which had been handed down to me from the previous organization president, and I always felt somewhat guilty for having them. I tried handing them off to other LGBT organizations at school but no one seemed interested enough.

I’ve skimmed through several of the pages, and I even used some of the titles for a project in my reference class, but I haven’t actually read any of them. Thus, after three and a half years, I’ve decided to embrace them, and fully welcome these wayward titles into the fold.

  1. Bertram Cope’s Year – Henry Blake Fuller
  2. What the L? – Kate Clinton
  3. Love, Ellen – Betty DeGeneres
  4. Stonewall – Martin Duberman
  5. Coming Out: An Act of Love – Rob Eichberg, Ph.D.
  6. She’s Not There: A Life in Two Genders – Jennifer Finney Boylan
  7. Now That You’re Out of the Closet, What About the Rest of the House? – Linda Handel
  8. Out & About Campus – Kim Howard & Annie Stevens
  9. Bi Any Other Name – Loraine Hutchins & Lani Kaahumanu
  10. Y: The Descent of Men  – Steve Jones
  11. Zami, Sister Outsider, Undersong – Audre Lorde
  12. Queer Stories for Boys – Douglas McKeown
  13. The Elusive Embrace – Daniel Mendelsohn
  14. Gay Science: The Ethics of Sexual Orientation Research – Timothy F. Murphy
  15. And The Band Played On – Randy Shilts
  16. Boyfriend 101 – Jim Sullivan
  17. The Little Book of Neuroses – Michael Thomas Ford
  18. Love Shook My Heart – Irene Zahava

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