Blowing off the settled dust

Seems like I’ve fallen off the wagon for a while here, folks. The sickness has grown, and a full diagnostic exam is in order. I’ve read, and I’ve bought. And I’ve bought. I’m almost certainly in deeper than I was last year! With changes to my work schedule, summer class, personal issues, and then summer vacation, there has been several distracting ups and downs to say the least. (Not to mention, video games have wreaked havoc on my attention too!)  Time to get back on track!

I’m almost done reading Jaws by Peter Benchley — yes, the book came before the movie. I’m also still reading Crossed by Ally Condie, mostly because other books have grabbed my attention, and I’ve been trying to keep up with my book club. (Sorry ladies!) Next, I’ll probably take on Wind Through the Keyhole by Stephen King, and then I’ll focus on something quick and easy… that is to be determined. I’ll stagger a few of my posts on other books I’ve read so far, at least to fill in some space! I’ve got entries on a Michael Cunningham book and one on Sven Birkerts (that I technically wrote for a class, but hey! It’s still a review!)

Stay tuned 🙂


One thought on “Blowing off the settled dust

  1. I know this illness well, dearest Garrett, my father owned about 7,000 books in three languages by the time he died…and he had read almost all of them! “A book a day” was his motto. The book bug skipped a generation, with Sonia now taking the lead in the family. I take months to read a book unless I am on vacation, when I can easily get through several tomes a week… on my iPad (aaggghhh I hear you scream). Now I have all the books I haven’t read…and 7,000 more to feel guilty about. When you run out, call me. Hugs. xxx

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